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Postby Cinnibar » Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:22 pm

Welcome to the Play By Forum Forums of Davis Games.

Here, you may request individual forums to be created for your play group for games such as Werewolf, Mafia, RPGs, etc.

To request a game, create an account on this forum and send PM (Private Message in the User Control Panel link in the screen header) to the group Game Access. Include what you would like to have setup, name, description, subforums etc. This is handled manually so please allow some little time to get started.

Although this site is not restricted to residents of Davis, California; preference will be given to those from that or nearby locales. Also, as this site is a labor of love, please understand if I must prioritize life events over running this board.

I hope to provide a forum group created for most games so Game Masters will be able to allow people to request group access without needing to wait for the Game Access group to process the individuals. The group access will allow posting rights within the forums created for that game, as well as allow a personalized logo gif if provided.

A Seeking forum is also provided if you would like to play a game but want to advertise for a GM to run the game. As with the other Davis Games forums, the forums include the ability to create an avatar from the Gaia Avatar Creator at which can be set in your profile for inclusion in the Avatar Gallery. Also, you can have multiple accounts on this forum, and specify in your profile who else you are to allow you to Switch between them easily.

Legal stuff: I reserve full, complete and total rights to myself to restrict content and use of this forum's contents, and take no responsibility for the preservation of such content or the uptime of this board.

That said, I will try to impact the games minimally with updates and upgrades of the board, and hope everyone who finds this place has a grand time.
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