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The rules, slightly modified for online play, are as follows.

• First we chose the general outline of history we will be exploring.
Humanity spreads to the stars and forges a galactic civilization…
Fledgling nations arise from the ruins of the empire…
An ancient line of dragon-kings dies out as magic fades from the realm…

• Second we create the Periods that bookend the history. Nothing in the game will be before the first Period nor after the second.

• Finally we make the Pallet. Each player gets to add one item to be banned or included. Nothing on the banned list may be used in the history while items on the included list are encouraged. For example if magic is banned than it cannot exist but if psychic powers are on the include list then they are encouraged, maybe even commonplace.

• The biggest rules are that you can never contradict established facts nor include items from the banned list in the pallet.

• In each round one player is the Lens. The first player to post who is tied for least times as Lens gets the roll of current Lens.

• The Lens chooses a Focus for the round. This should be a discreet concept such as "the Heterodyne family" or "the effects of global warming." Broad concepts such as "love" or "war" are not good. Every play in this round save the Legacy must relate to the Focus.

• The Lens starts the round off by creating a Period, Event, or Dictated Scene. They may also make a Event or Dictated Scene within the Period or Event they just created.

• Every other player then posts one Period, Event, or Dictated Scene relating to the Focus.

• The Lens finished the Focus by posting another Period, Event, or Dictated Scene and nested Event or Scene.

• The last Lens then choses to keep their current Legacy or pick a new one. A Legacy is similar to a Focus, something that will resonate down thru history. They then create a Period, Event, or Dictated Scene relating to the Legacy or any player.

• And the next round starts…

• During each round every player may post up an unanswered Played Scene relating to the Focus in the Open Scene board. These Scenes may be played out by any subset of the players and summaries of the rp posted to answer the question.

What's in History
• A Period is a broad era nested between two existing Periods. It should have a description of what the time is like and it's impact on history as well as a brief title/summery.
The Great War
A labyrinthian system of alliances lead to a major conflict fought in Europe and around the world. Nations from across all non polar continents were involved and over eight million people died, although Russia, Britain, France, Germany and Austria-Hungary dominated. Much of the war was characterized by stagnant trench warfare and massive loss of life in failed attacks.

• An Event is a specific time or event within a Period, placed before/after existing Events in that Period. It has a "birds eye view" of the event and, like a Period, a title/summery.
Assassination Sparks the War
The assassination of an Austrian leader was followed by aggressive diplomacy and ultimately caused many major powers to military mobilization to antagonize enemies and protect their interests.

• A Scene answers a question about an Event. "Who's death sparked the war?" Dictated Scenes are summarized by the creator while Played Scenes are rped out by players and then summarized. Played Scenes will be covered in more detail later. In addition to the question they will answer a Scene is set in a discrete place and time, has a summery of the characters and actions, and an answer to the question.
Who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria?
_Archduke Ferdinand visited a Bosnian hospital.
_After the visit he and his wife, Sophie, decided to head to the palace. On the way their driver took a wrong turn into a side street where the car had to be backed up due to congestion. While doing so a student and Bosnian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, spotted them and took action. He shot Sophie in the in the abdomen and Franz in the jugular. With his dying breath Ferdinand repeated "Don't die darling, live for our children."
_Gavrilo Princip, Bosnian nationalist, killed Archduke Franz.

Note, the Scene ends when the question is answered. If somebody else wanted to know if Sophie survived they'd need to make another Scene to answer that question.

• Nobody owns anything in history. Just because you created the shining city upon the hill doesn't mean somebody else can't sac and raise it to the ground via barbarian hordes.

• Preconceived notions of history just lead to disappointment. By the end of the game everybody will have been surprised by the twists and turns the history takes from beginning to end.

• The timeline is abstract. If dates get added to events it will only be after the game once everything is known.

• Time travel is a bad idea. It shoots holes in continuity like nobodies business.

• You shouldn't mention the same (mortal) character in different Periods. After all you don't know how much time has passed between ages nor how many Periods might end up between the two Periods. Gods or the like can pass from era to era as their immortality puts their influence and lifespan on par with nations.
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